Identify the fonts in your documents


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MiceText is a useful software designed to scan all your files and identify types of fonts. It's a practical and useful application when you need to use the same font on several different files, or index them quickly.

This software uses advanced logarithms to detect characters with amazing accuracy. MiceText recognizes several different languages and fonts (60 languages and 30 fonts, to be exact). If a font is not recognized, the application can learn it in just a minute – you only have to add it to the library.

With this software you can also copy the content of any document saved on your computer, such as an image file (when you are scanning documents, for instance). This text can be edited and saved in the most popular text formats.

MiceText features a very simple interface that's appropriate for all levels of users due to its coherent layout and structure.

- Trial version lasts 60 days.

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